Changing young mindsets- Bumblebee project with primary school

What can be done with the decline of the Bumblebees? Oseng-Rees Reflection has developed a workshop aimed at primary school children to raise awareness of the plight of the bumblebee

The children learn about identifying the bumblebees, drawing and painting them through the medium of art them, and finally making a piece of art that will reflect the bees fragility in recycled glass.

Benefits of the workshop. Pupils will

  • learn about pollinators and bumblebees, and its importance in protecting them

  • learn observation skills and eye to hand coordination in sketching and painting

  • learn the design process from idea, planning to final product/art

  • learn about environmental matters and recycling

  • Being introduced to circular economy how glass can be used over and over again and the importance for recycling

  • learn mathematical skills through measurement and weight of glass in the making process

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To change the mindset from us-and-them to team-strengths

The last thing I did before leaving academia were to develop an interdisciplinary research and teaching approach to learning and teaching in sustainability. Having been very fortunate that my old institution during my doctoral research promoted an interdisciplinary approach to research I have in the last decade worked across fields such as art, design, engineering and science. With a college degree in art, bachelor’s degree in product design, PhD in recycled glass and a post doc in engineering my interdisciplinary experience has made me appreciate the complexity of sustainable development.

The global crisis is not a single problem that only experts can solve, nor a solution with government legislation. The consequences of the global crisis are as much a mindset that needs to be changed and this mindset can be seen at all level of the society, on a micro level as well as on macro level. To change the mindset from us-and-them, short-term-success and individual-career-goals, to team-strengths, collaborative-attitudes and social-economy is not done overnight. The paper Using interdisciplinary research project collaborations as a pedagogic tool to enhance learning and teaching published in the open source journal Wales Journal of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education in 2019 are describing the results from a interdisciplinary project that fostered the five-ways-of-working from the Wellbeing of Future Generation Act (collaboration, integration, prevention, involvement and long-term thinking).

Below is a picture of some of the authors in the published paper.

Fron Left: J. Ferriz-Papi, G.Owen, A.Nantel, L. Hopkinson, I. Standen and T. Oseng-Rees

Fron Left: J. Ferriz-Papi, G.Owen, A.Nantel, L. Hopkinson, I. Standen and T. Oseng-Rees

World Environmental Day

I enjoyed the event ‘Building a Sustainable Future’ on the World Environment Day today organised by Swansea University and their REIS team at National Waterfront Museum today. I also had the pleasure to display my work and talk about how my love and passion for sustainability, art and science and how I combine my passion in my business to give you a bespoke recycled glass product with a story attached to it.


Crafting a sustainable Modernity-Breaking boundaries for something you believe in!

Breaking boundaries for something you believe in!

How do you move forward in your academic career when you always fall between chairs? When the labels available for you is either “art” , “engineering” or “sustainability”. When research funding is is only for those who have many years experience and funding only is released in priority areas. How can you innovate then? How can you create new ways of thinking? And what do you do when you only meet closed doors? You find new ways, you dare taking risks, and you need to believe strongly that what you are doing is the right thing! And I did it! Against all odds I carved out a small pilot project, presented it to the senior managements, project management, lecturers and students. And one by one got on board with me ,and this research paper recently published you can read how it happened.

I want to thank everyone who were involved, especially lecturers Ian Standen and Juan-Ferriz Papi, Lisa Burkl, Lara Hopkinson and Greg Owen.

Making Futures Journal 2017 Crafting a sustainable Modernity - towards a maker aesthetics of production and consumption.

Oseng-Rees, T., Standen, I., & Ferriz-Papi, J., 2018, An interdisciplinary project using recycled glass as an aesthetically pleasing architectural material, Making Futures: Crafting a sustainable Modernity - towards a maker aesthetics of production and consumption. Vol 5. ISSN 2042-1664 Click here for full paper