Changing young mindsets- Bumblebee project with primary school

What can be done with the decline of the Bumblebees? Oseng-Rees Reflection has developed a workshop aimed at primary school children to raise awareness of the plight of the bumblebee

The children learn about identifying the bumblebees, drawing and painting them through the medium of art them, and finally making a piece of art that will reflect the bees fragility in recycled glass.

Benefits of the workshop. Pupils will

  • learn about pollinators and bumblebees, and its importance in protecting them

  • learn observation skills and eye to hand coordination in sketching and painting

  • learn the design process from idea, planning to final product/art

  • learn about environmental matters and recycling

  • Being introduced to circular economy how glass can be used over and over again and the importance for recycling

  • learn mathematical skills through measurement and weight of glass in the making process

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