Wish me good luck tomorrow! With over 3000 applications to #GBEA I feel like a winner.

What a lovely email from the #GBEA team. Looking forward tomorrow and just knowing that they have had over 3000 applications this year make me feel like a winner already!

We cannot wait to see you at your regional final for #GBEA tomorrow. 

I’m sure my team have expressed this before, but I just wanted to reiterate that we were completely blown away by the quality of applications this year. Making the shortlist is no mean feat, especially when you consider that once again, we had over 3,000 applications for 2019. Regardless of the results on the night, I’m looking forward to raising a glass with you to incredible entrepreneurial endeavours, spirit and success. Our judges have given us feedback that this year is the strongest they have ever seen, and that’s coming from entrepreneurs behind some of Britain’s best loved and most well-known brands including Go Compare, King of Shaves, Mulberry, MOBO and Cath Kidston. I hope that you can see that with #GBEA we are a little bit more than ‘just’ an awards programme. Instead, we’re building an incredibly inclusive and rapidly growing community of entrepreneurs who agree with us in that we can all achieve more when we support one another. We do that through putting on useful events, making connections, profiling and writing about, amplifying and sharing the news of entrepreneurs within our alumni. 

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