Girl Talk by Honey Jones-Hughes

If you are in Eisteddfod this week you can see the works of Honey Jones-Hughes an artist that is interested in making work that allows discussion and debate to exist around social and political issues. Her work lead on from historical content such as archives, conversations, and visual material; reframing and analysing from a feminist perspective.  

Currently Honey is working on a project for Menai Science Park- M S-Parc, a new development near Bangor with Rebecca Colley-Jones and this project has involved women scientists in Wales. She has had conversation with different women in Wales to find out what it is about their area of study that inspires them, what made them get into the field and any problems or challenges that faces them. I am honoured to be one of the selected scientists in Wales alongside with Alison McMillan, Sally Burr, Vera Toss, Helen Roberts, Hayley Hutchings.

Below is the posters of the interviews that Honey did earlier this year.  

Hayley Hutchings.jpg