Donation for charity auction

       On Monday 7th August 2017 the Minister for Skills and Science Julie James Assembly Member for Wales is organising a charity auction at Rasoi Waterfront Restaurant in Swansea. The independent fundraising group Swans4Cancer, have been set up by a group of Swansea City supporters who have been affected by cancer, and this year they are raising funds for Ty Olwen and Golau Cancer Foundation

       Cancer is one of the scariest words I can ever come across. As soon as I hear the word I can feel the chill down my spine. The feeling that it can affect you at any given time either as you receiving the diagnosis yourself or a loved one getting it. And when I hear people have been ‘cleared’ from cancer I can feel the knot in my stomach as I await for the news if it has come back at some point in the future.

       Two of my best friend’s mother have died too young of ovarian cancer, my husband has lost a dear friend and colleague to stomach cancer and I have friends who’s children are too young to have lost their father through cancer. Thinking of them who are left behind to start to live their life again from losing a loved one is heart-breaking. Although many types of cancer can be avoided by living and eating healthily, there is other types of cancer that develops randomly and there is nothing you can do to prevent it, only making sure you go to the doctors in time for checking out the symptoms.

       With this I would like to do my part to help with the fundraising to such an important case, and Oseng-Rees Reflection have donated this piece of from her art collection for the charity fundraising auction. This piece was developed during the research degree in 2009 and is made of 100% recycled bottles, all collected randomly from local pubs and clubs.

       Please have a look and if you would like to book your place and do some bidding for this work remember it is all going to a good case. Please email or call 01792 460836 to find out more.